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MOZZARTBET GHANA LTD, Registration Number CS245761220, with registered office at 27, Mission Street, Osu, Accra, Ghana (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”), shall in the conduct of its business endeavor to comply with the applicable laws relating to Personal Data Protection.

The Company warrants that all Personal Data of Users of its services and Visitors to its site (hereinafter referred to as “Data Subjects”) are processed only when there is a legal basis for such an act:

- where there is a Legal Obligation;

- where there is a Contractual Relationship;

- where the Data Subject’s has granted consent;

- where there is a need to Protect the Data Subject’s vital interests, or;

- where there is the need to Protect the Legitimate interest of the Company.

The Company undertakes to process information provided by the Data Subjects in accordance with the Company’s Personal Data Protection Policy, which applies to this Website.

User Registration

Whilst registering a User wishing to participate in online gambling games, the Company shall collect the following information from the User:

- Full Name (First name and Family name):

- Date of Birth:

- Contact (Mobile) telephone number:

- Valid Email Address (further instructions on account opening will be sent to this address)

The Company shall provide its Users with user support through a chat with an agent.

The data collected in this manner shall be processed exclusively for the purpose of providing user support and shall not be used for any other purpose.



Personal Data Recipients

The Company shall ensure that forwarding of Personal Data of the Users to third parties is solely carried out as legally obliged, or by the justified requirement of the competent public authority.

When Personal Data is passed on to third parties or trusted partners (Data Processors) for the purpose of providing user support, information system maintenance or similar needs, the Company shall ensure that these third parties or trusted partners will abide by the mandatory data protection measures.

Cross-border Transfer of Personal Dat

The Company’s Business Partner Mozzart doo Belgrade is located in the Republic of Serbia, which is not part of the EEA. Any Data transfer to Mozzart doo Belgrade is and will be regulated by the Data Protection Laws of Ghana.

Data retention

In accordance with the laws of Ghana, Users’ documents may be stored up to Five (5) years after the date of the last recorded transaction. After this retention period, the Company shall ensure that Personal Data of Users are be sent to the Public Records and Archives Administration Department for safe keeping. Any Personal Data held by the Company for marketing and service update notifications will be retained by the Company until such time that the User notifies the Company that he/she no longer wishes to receive this information and then it shall be retained for five (5) years after the last recorded transaction. Thereafter, such retained Data shall be transferred to the Public and Archives Administration Department for safe keeping.


The Company uses cookies to provide Visitors and/or Users with full functionality and high-quality content. Cookies are small text files uploaded to Visitors and/Users` computers with the purpose of tracking the use of certain pages. If accepting cookies, the cookies option is turned off on the Visitor’s and/or the User's computer, the Visitor and/or the User can still use the pages, but the functionality of the service will be partially restricted.

Data subject’s rights

Depending on the purpose and legal basis for the processing of Personal Data, the User has the following rights in accordance with the applicable regulations on Personal Data protection:

- Access to Personal Data

- Rectification of Personal Data

- Erasure of Personal Data

- Personal Data Portability

- Restriction of Personal Data processing

- Right to object to data processing for marketing purposes

Users/Visitors who have any complaints about how the Company has handled their Personal Data may kindly contact the Data Protection Officer at [email protected]

Data processing

In accordance with the laws of Ghana when an account is opened for a User, Personal Data of the account owner may be processed for Anti-Money Laundering (AML) purposes.

Personal Data Protection Contact

Requests, Complaints or Inquiries relating to the processing and protection of Personal Data can be sent to the e-mail address: [email protected].

In accordance with the applicable legal framework governing the protection of Personal Data, each request/inquiry will be resolved without undue delay and at the latest within 30 days of receipt.

When contacting and posting such requests, the Company will invest reasonable efforts to confirm the user’s identity and to prevent any unauthorized Personal Data processing.

Changes to this Policy

As the Company evolves, there may be the need to update this Policy to keep pace with changes to the website, software, services, business and Applicable Laws. The Company will however, always maintain its commitment to respect the Data Subject's privacy. The Company will ensure that it posts any other revisions to this Policy along with their effective date, in an easy-to-find area of the website for the information of Users.


This document was updated on 14-Jun-2021 and is effective from that date.


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